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Welcome to zappmat, world
class ground protection mats.

zappmat is a range of ground protection mats that effortlessly interlock to create temporary roads, walkways and car parks. zappmat is perfect for construction sites and outdoor events, by providing safe access and exit routes for both workers and the public.



The zappmat range of ground protection mats are designed to protect much more than just the ground…

  • Protect your safety record
  • Protect your workers from slips and trips
  • Protect the public from accidents and injury
  • Protect your deadlines and budgets
  • Protect your insurance premiums
  • Protect plant and vehicles from damage
  • Protect your reputation
Construction Sites
Sports Grounds
Outdoor Events
It starts here.
Take no prisoners.
Make a statement.
Stop the brown stuff.


It starts here.

Don’t mess with our street-fighter. Tough, light and budget-conscious, these interlocking mats are no featherweight, and are perfect for heavy foot traffic and lighter vehicles.


Take no prisoners.

Time to roll out the big guns. The zappmat/pro is a serious mat that takes no nonsense. Strong and yet still lightweight, these interlocking mats are perfect for virtually all vehicles, plant and machinery.


Make a statement.

Nothing looks more professional than arriving on site on the first day of a construction project with your own set of ground protection mats, branded in your corporate colours. Perfect for enhanced site safety, or simply to make a statement about your company


Stop the brown stuff.

Sometimes ground protection mats are used on prime turf that shouldn’t be deprived of sunlight as, after a few days of darkness, the grass starts to die. Enter the zappmat/life – a translucent mat that keeps the grass beneath in great condition for longer


zappmat ground protection mats are engineered to be both exceptionally tough, yet  light and flexible enough to be installed and moved around easily. Measuring 1220 x 2440mm yet weighing less than 40kg, our knowledge of cutting-edge polymers has enabled us to develop a range of zappmats suitable for every eventuality.

Whether you’re a construction firm looking to minimise risks to your workers and vehicles, or an event organiser looking to prevent injury to the members of public at an outdoor event,  zappmat has a ground protection mat suitable for your requirements.

zappmat is a range from Paragon Protection Systems Ltd, which means that you get all the support and experience of a world-class business when you order any of our zappmat ground protection mats. For example:

  • Distribution to any global location
  • Full guarantee with every zappmat product
  • Expert, friendly advice on zappmat product selection
  • Superb customer service and support around the clock

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